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   Paulus von den Hoff
                  6. September 2016

4 tips on to be a successful influencer on exomatch

What is exomatch?

exomatch is a marketplace and communication tool for influencer marketing. Our marketplace is based on a matching system which makes sure you only see campaigns from brands you are interested in. In that way, we save you valuable time because you don’t have to research, filter through a whole lot of campaigns you don’t actually care about. exomatch makes it easy to find campaigns and create offers and fun to collaborate with brands.


Here is what you can do with exomatch:

  • find campaigns from brands you love
  • create individual offers for collaborations with these brands and earn money
  • negotiate with brands
  • easily manage your collaboration with the brand on exomatch and our intuitive communication tool (it’s as easy as chatting online with friends)


In order to improve the visibility and success rate of your offers, make sure to follow these tips:


1 Connect all your social channels

Brands create campaigns on exomatch which often look for influencers on certain channels. It would be a pity if you missed a campaign of one of your favorite brands only because you didn’t connect your Snapchat account yet. So make sure to have them all connected.


2 Select your topics

Besides connecting your social channels, you can select your interests and topics you talk about on social media. With that information we can match you with campaigns even more precisely. Therefore, it is very likely that you don’t have to create hundreds of offers before you get your first booking. We elevate your success rate.


3 Create offers

exomatch enables you to easily offer collaborations for brands you love. Keep in mind that offers are binding once you submitted them and can be booked instantly by the brand. However, brands can also contact you prior to booking, for example to reconfirm that they got everything right.

Your offer on exomatch consists of three parts: The channels you offer to collaborate on, the number of content pieces you want to create (e.g. posts or videos) and a message for the brand.


In this message, please make sure to concisely touch on the following topics:

  • What you and you’re channels are about.
  • Why you think a collaboration is a good match and is beneficial for both – the brand and you.
  • What your ideas for the content pieces are. Rough ideas or bullet points are sufficient. The brand should see that you have one or two ideas and that you read and understood the briefing.

Messages with empty phrases like “Would be a pleasure” are very likely to be ignored.



4 Collaborate with brands

After a brand accepted your offer you can directly talk to a representative of the brand on exomatch. You can provide your address for sample products, check with the brand about timing, content creation and posting confirmation. By the way: On exomatch, you don’t need to worry about paper work – we got your back and take care about the invoicing.

Furthermore, we guarantee payment: When a brand books you on exomatch, we already secured the payment so that you will be paid after your collaboration is completed. 


Here are a few more pro-tips you should keep in mind for your collaboration to go smooth and successful:

  • Content: If you are not quite sure about the requirements of a brand – ask them! exomatch provides a chat which you should use to ask all the questions you still have after the briefing.
  • Products: Make sure to not empty the sample products until your content is confirmed. It’s possible that there is something which needs to be reworked. It seems quite unprofessional if your products are already gone.
  • Timing: If the brand didn’t mention any preferred post date, ask them. Often times brands have a desired timing for your post to go online. So make sure to check in on that.
  • Confirmation: In order to prevent trouble, misunderstandings or discussions please solicit a confirmation about your content before uploading it. exomatch has a designated feature which lets you submit your content for confirmation. If you do that, you are save. Obviously, this is not possible for Snapchat oder Instagram Stories. In that case, try to make sure the brand knows what you are going to do in the stories in advance and confirms your idea.


We hope we could provide some valuable information on how to be successful on exomatch. If you have any further questions or need support of any kind, please do not hesitate to get in touch via We are always here and happy to help. :)

Oh, and if you’re not signed up yet: It’s time to … Get you account here. :)