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  1. How to get a booking on exomatch?

    We designed exomatch to make it easy for you to find great collaboration partners and monetize your social impact.


  2. Influencer insider tips you should know

    It is not easy to be visible in the almost infinitely increasing widths of the Influencer cosmos. Countless new bloggers open an Instagram account or start a new YouTube channel every day. Those who have managed to cut through the noise and build large followings are obviously dominating the market, while high-quality channels are either known to at most a niche audience or, in the worst case, are completely stuck in social media nirvana. exomatch introduces you to some “rising stars”, who you should definitely know about.


  3. It’s about people…

    After initial skepticism, Influencer Marketing has finally hit the German market in 2016. Pioneers such as Kapten & Son or Fittea have leveraged early adopter advantages to increasingly compete with larger brands for the most popular Influencer co-operations. Even large companies such as Adidas, Audi and Coca Cola already recognized the potential in Influencer Marketing.


  4. Fall Release-Recap

    Dear exomatch community,


    It’s been four weeks since we initially released the newest version of exomatch. Our team worked non-stop on what is an industry leading management tool for influencer marketing, and we couldn’t be more proud. 


  5. Casey Neistat: Werbung für Leute, die Werbung hassen

    In Handschrift hat er sich die beiden Worte “DO MORE” auf den rechten Unterarm tätowieren lassen. Nicht nur sein Lebens-, sondern auch sein Arbeitsmotto, denn: Casey Neistat hat es geschafft, Menschen, die Werbung hassen, genau dafür empfänglich zu machen.


  6. exomatch Fall-Release

    Liebe Community,


    am 14. September 2016 veröffentlichen wir das Ergebnis monatelanger Arbeit – den exomatch Fall-Release. An dieser Stelle möchten wir uns zunächst bei euch bedanken, die ihr uns seit nunmehr einem Jahr treu seid und uns mit Feedback, der Grundlage für unsere Entwicklungen, unterstützt und voranbringt. VIELEN DANK <3! (more…)

  7. 4 tips on to be a successful influencer on exomatch

    What is exomatch?

    exomatch is a marketplace and communication tool for influencer marketing. Our marketplace is based on a matching system which makes sure you only see campaigns from brands you are interested in. In that way, we save you valuable time because you don’t have to research, filter through a whole lot of campaigns you don’t actually care about. exomatch makes it easy to find campaigns and create offers and fun to collaborate with brands.



  8. Ist Instagram Stories das Ende von Snapchat?

    Am 02. August 2016 veröffentlichte die Photo-Sharing-Plattform Instagram ihr neues Feature „Stories“. Damit bedient sie sich einer erfolgreichen Format-Idee, die ursprünglich von Snapchat erfunden und international etabliert worden war.