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   Paulus von den Hoff
                  6. September 2016

How to set up an influencer marketing campaign on exomatch

What is exomatch?

exomatch is a marketplace and campaign management tool for influencer marketing. You can create influencer marketing campaigns for free on exomatch. We created an innovative matching system which saves you all the research and ensures that only those influencers offer collaborations which match your criteria. We are driven by our mission to make influencer marketing easy and accessible for you. We want you to enjoy collaborating with the world’s leading influencers and want to enable you to scale your influencer marketing efforts seamlessly as needed.


Here is what you can do with exomatch:

  • create influencer marketing campaigns for free and find influencers that match your criteria
  • get offers from influencers and directly book collaborations
  • negotiate with influencers
  • easily manage your collaboration with influencers on exomatch and our intuitive campaign management interface which always keeps you up-to-date and saves you lots of time – say goodbye to e-mail overload and spreadsheet hustle!


In order to make your first influencer marketing campaign on exomatch a success story, make sure to follow these instructions:



1 Briefing

Before influencers create offers to participate in your campaign, they need to know what’s it all about and (if any) what the requirements are. Try to be complete and concise.


Here’s a little checklist of the topics you should mention in your briefing section:

  • Introduction of your brand: What are the core values of your brand? Point out what your beliefs and visions are in order for influencers to evaluate if there is a match in attitude and mindset.
  • Product: Introduce and describe the product your campaign is about. What’s its USP?
  • Campaign: What is the campaign about? What should be the narrative? What is the goal? And possibly: How does your influencer marketing campaign interact with a large branding campaign or similar?
  • Content: Tell influencers upfront what their content requires. You’re in a bad positions to tell them they are supposed to link out to your website in their Instagram bio after you booked them. Make sure to discuss everything you want to happen in the content upfront. (Yes, this also includes voucher codes.) Still, do not put handcuffs on them – they are the creators and they know their audience best.
  • Samples: If you are sending sample products of any kind, tell it in the briefing. Especially when those products are valuable, it will influence the price. Give them some perks, something to look forward to and be generous – it makes a difference.


Pro-Tip: Influencers often collaborate with more than one brand at a time. So you’re not the only one who’s busy. As you are the professional and influencers the creatives, send them a quick re-briefing once booked and reminders throughout the campaign to make sure everything goes as planned. No worries, you can do it all on exomatch.


2 Choose the right tags

Tags are made to choose topics influencers should talk about in order to be a good match for your campaign. Sometimes you might want to think a little harder about this.

Here’s an example: If you sell art online, you might not only include influencers which talk about art on their profile but also influencers who talk about interior design or architecture to broaden the scope a little and let influencers approach you with creative ideas.


3 Cover photo

First of all, the cover photo is only for your campaign on exomatch. This doesn’t serve as posting picture or similar – it’s only for the promotion of your campaign on our marketplace. Therefore, it should be compelling and show your brand in order to raise awareness or maybe recognition from influencers. You really want to make sure the quality is good and not cropped.


As soon as you press the “launch” button, we do a quick quality check to make sure you are in the best position to attract influencers. Once approved by our campaign managers, your campaign runs through the algorithmic matching system and is being presented to matching influencers. They are then able to create offers for a collaboration. Usually this whole process only takes a couple of hours but can also only take a few minutes. Anyway, you will receive notifications once influencers offered you a collaboration.


We hope this provides a valuable guide for your influencer marketing campaign. If you have any further questions or need support of any kind, please don’t hesitate to contact us via