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   André Hofer
                  2. November 2016

Influencer insider tips you should know

It is not easy to be visible in the almost infinitely increasing widths of the Influencer cosmos. Countless new bloggers open an Instagram account or start a new YouTube channel every day. Those who have managed to cut through the noise and build large followings are obviously dominating the market, while high-quality channels are either known to at most a niche audience or, in the worst case, are completely stuck in social media nirvana. exomatch introduces you to some “rising stars”, who you should definitely know about.



Ariele Alasko

Ariele Alasko carves the cooking spoon.


Although her Instagram profile already has more than 400,000 followers, she is still relatively unknown, especially in Germany. The Californian, who now lives in Brooklyn with a man, dog and cat, appeals to aesthetic enthusiasts. Every day, she posts beautiful pictures of her cute New York apartment, her cute pets and, of course, her latest wooden spoon collection. Ariele Alasko carves spoons and other kitchen utensils made of high quality wood. What began as a passion is now her profession: her spoons can be purchased online for about 200 euros per piece.



Felicitas Then

Felicitas Then swings the cooking spoon.


Hach, war das schön! #pimpyourfood #kochkursbeifeli #neukölln

A photo posted by Felicitas (@felicitasthen) on


The combination of her passion for the peeled, a certain media affinity and a lot of bite have made Felicitas what she is today: a well-tempered, ever positive young chef with a solid fan base. And they want to be fed regularly: In addition to her own Instagram account, where she posts pictures of her hottest creations of cinnamon rolls with pumpkin and orange-frosting or turkey with mole and plantanos daily, she and two other food enthusiasts run the Edeka-YouTube-channel yumtamtam.




In 2013, the native Coburger and trained journalist won the Sat.1 cook castingshow “The Taste”. In 2014 her first book “The Fabulous Recipes of Felicitas Then” appeared. Felicitas is not only a rising star in the YouTube and Instagram cosmos but also in the German TV chef landscape. For us, Felicitas is one of the few we grant permission to post photos of her meals.



Fynn Kliemann

Fynn Kliemann builds things.


Kabeltrommel aufe Adilette und ab dafür. #wakeboarding #ledge #kliemannsland #immeraufmontage

A photo posted by Fynn Kliemann (@fimbim) on


Have you ever wondered how to build a wall? Or a chicken stall? Fynn Kliemann builds what he needs simply by himself, even if he has no idea what exactly he is doing. A little more than a year ago, he published a video about how to make a steady cam. The video showed initial success, so the North German decided to share more of his construction skills. Since then, he built a garden pond, a mini ramp and a chicken stall, while the number of his YouTube subscribers increased rapidly. With almost 280,000 followers, Fynn Kliemann is no longer a real insider tip, but in the endless YouTube universe, still a rather “small” YouTuber.





EES TV shows Africa.



Ees is a Namibian with a German roots and is still at the beginning of a hopefully successful YouTube career. Just a little more than 7,000 people follow his channel today, on which the musician takes his followers on his travels through Africa. It is not about safari but about lifestyle: with his turquoise VW “Bully”, the young man tours around the country, where he ends clichés, chats with interesting people and plays his music from a genre called “Kwaito” on the stages of Namibia. EES TV is one of many Influencer insider tips that you should check out.



Luksan Wunder

Luksan Wunder explains things.



Just a little more than 10,000 followers counts the channels which is probably amongst Germany’s funniest at the moment. How to peel a banana? Luksan Wunder has an incredibly easy Lifehack, which he generously shares with his followers. His videos about correct pronunciation of German and English words gained much fame. The videos of Luksan Wunder all have the potential to be the next viral hit. For us, this fine sense of humor definitely accounts for the potential to become a rising star in 2017.




About the author: André Hofer is an author and creative in pop culture for almost ten years. A search on Google is enough to know: His time will have come only when the Austrian soccer professional with the same name finally retires. André is currently working for the ProSiebenSat.1 subsidiary AMPYA as an editor and conceptual writer.