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   Paulus von den Hoff
                  8. December 2016

How to get a booking on exomatch?

We designed exomatch to make it easy for you to find great collaboration partners and monetize your social impact.


Our platform helps you to sell ad space and branded partnerships on your profiles to make money out of your content and therefore, being able to further improve and grow your thought leadership and reach and eventually make a living out of your social media presence.


One of the big benifits of exomatch is that you don’t need to search for collaborations. We’ve developed a matchmaking system which assesses your preferences and proposes campaigns which match your topics and/or preferences. We further develop this technology aiming to make it as accurate as possible.

After that, it’s your turn. Once you like a campaign, you need to create an offer.

Here’s some learnings we gathered, you should keep in mind by creating an offer.



1. Make it individual

In the first step of your offer, there is space where you can describe your offer. You should introduce yourself and your profiles shortly. Mention what your profiles are about, what topics you cover and show that you know a thing or two about your followers (demographics, interests, engagement). You can pre-write this part and use it again.

In the second part, it is very important to introduce your ideas for the collaboration. For that, you should read the campaign briefing and details carefully. Make sure to also check for additional pdf files which are attached sometimes. It doesn’t need to be very long but should give the advertiser the impression that you’ve read and understood the briefing and have an original idea for the collaboration. 



2. Make it coherent

The pricing and the number of posts should be in line with your idea you presented before so that it actually makes sense. 

Keep in mind: It’s you who decides the terms. So, if you offer 10 posts on Instagram, you should be ready to deliver on that. 

Advertisers can get in touch right after you submitted your offer to ask questions or negotiate. However, the advertiser cannot change the terms. You are the only one who can edit the offer.

So, if you agreed on a different concept, on different terms throughout the conversation, you need to edit the offer accordingly.



3. Pro tipp: Follow Up 

In the first step, you can choose in which period of time you want an answer. However, advertisers tend to need some more time to make their decision. Often times, they receive hundreds of offers and need time to review and discuss them all with their team. Therefore, it is not unlikely, that they take a bit longer. 

Still, you can act: If you see the deadline of your offer coming closer, you have different options: 

  • You can extend your deadline
  • You can follow up in the chat below your offer and ask for feedback – maybe this breaks the ice and starts a conversation. 


exomatch provides the tools to actively sell partnerships with you and your profiles. You should use them to create interesting, creative and original concepts in order to increase your chance of booking. Features like the deadline and the chat enable you to start a conversation and follow up to receive feedback. 


Our mission is to help you to work with cool brands and make money in order for you to be able to produce even more great content and further grow your audience.


If there are any questions left, feel free to use the comment section below or drop us a line at


Keep Creating!